Dr. Janson: 847-999-8864 And Dr. Calapai: 954-536-5676 5550 Glades Rd, Suite 413, Boca Raton, FL. 33431

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ED clinics are often associated with a general medical practice, run by one or several general practitioners as an offshoot of their normal practice in which your sexual health is not their main focus.  At Sexual Health of the Palm Beaches, our sole focus is on you, your physical wellbeing and your performance.  Our medical professionals are board-certified specialists in urology and internal medicine with an emphasis on age management and sexual health.  Both physicians have over 25 years combined experience in the field of sexual health and wellbeing.  

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A New You: Fitter, Healthier and Energized. Dr. Kenneth Janson & Dr.  Elissa Calapai Welcomes You.

Follow our proven pro-active approach so you can live a healthy aging lifestyle that you can master, no matter what shape you may be in.

What’s in in for you?


Monday-Friday     9:00 – 5:00 Saturday                Hours by Appointment Only Sunday                   Closed


Revitalized sexual

Revitalized sexual desire that provides more fulfilling relationships Sharper thinking and better stress management


Improved bone

Improved bone strength and lean muscle mass that translates into a healthier, more active lifestyle


Weight loss

Weight loss and reduced body fat that means you will feel better about yourself



What is COREWAVE Therapy?

COREWAVE™ Therapy is the latest advancement in the treatment of erectile dysfunction and the only therapy 100% overseen by urologists and other sexual medicine specialists. It is a non-surgical, non-medication solution to improving your natural erections.

Surgery & Medication Free Solution

COREWAVE™ Therapy is a new and exciting solution that can lead to a more healthier, stronger and satisfying erection.  COREWAVE™ Therapy works by focusing wave energy painlessly to your penis. This then stimulates growth factors which helps to make new blood vessels that bring more blood to your erection leading to lasting results.

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